Below, you will find the current list of all OOC Achievements that you can accomplish while playing Duel of Guns. See this forum thread to request Achievements; the Icons will be delivered into your Inventory and your character will be added to this page in all approved categories.


MarksmanMarksman: Gain Marksman rank 

[Unlocked by: Ace, Judge Fredd, Davarin Kell, Inmate, BangBang Kapow, Blammity Jane]


OutlawOutlaw: Gain Outlaw rank 

[Unlocked by: Ace, Judge Fredd, Blammity Jane]

PariahSharpshooter: Gain Sharpshooter rank 

[Unlocked by: Judge Fredd, Ace]


The DesperadoThe Desperado: Gain the Desperado rank

[Unlocked by: Judge Fredd]


The Young GunThe Young Gun: Win a Young Gun tournament 

[Unlocked by: None]


Baron of BoomBaron of Boom: Be half of the winning team in the Barons of Boom tournament, or win the title during Challenge Night.

[Unlocked by: Blammity Jane, Talon]


Top of the ClassTop of the Class: Win a Tournament of Sharpshooters 

[Unlocked by: Judge Fredd, Blammity Jane]


Number One ContenderNumber One Contender: Win the Desperado Tournament 

[Unlocked by: Judge Fredd]


BrutalBrutal: Win a duel by scoring a WOUNDING SHOT against another character.

[Unlocked by: Delilah Benjamin, Ace, Judge Fredd, Blammity Jane]


MurdererMurderer: Win a duel by scoring a WOUNDING SHOT against another character, and killing them. 

[Unlocked by: None]


Back from the BrinkBack from the Brink: Win a tournament after being WOUNDED earlier in the tournament. 

[Unlocked by: None]


Fastest Gun in Dust TownFastest Gun in Dust Town: Win a duel in 3 rounds. 

[Unlocked by: None]


BodyguardBodyguard: Act as either the Desperado or challenger’s Champion in a challenge match, and win your intercession match.

[Unlocked by: None]


UndisputedUndisputed: Defend your title as the Desperado without using a Champion. 

[Unlocked by: None]


Leave a TrailLeave a Trail: Defeat the Desperado’s Champion, and go on to defeat the Desperado to take his title via challenge.

[Unlocked by: None]


The New Kid in TownThe New Kid in Town: Go from zero WoL to ten WoL in four weeks or less. 

[Unlocked by: None]


SpecialistSpecialist: Score with four attacks, using each of the standard “specialized” ammo. 

[Unlocked by: None]


A BlurA Blur: Score 4.5 points using combinations in one duel.

[Unlocked by: None]


Lazy GunLazy Gun: Win a duel without using any specialized ammo or combo mods. 

[Unlocked by: Inmate, Blammity Jane]


Shock and AweShock and Awe: Win a duel using only Offensive Techniques. 

[Unlocked by: BangBang Kapow]


The SurvivorThe Survivor: Win a duel using only Defensive Techniques. 

[Unlocked by: None]


BOOM!BOOM!: Win a duel without using Quickdraw, Aimed Shot, Strafing Shot, or Ricochet.

[Unlocked by: None]


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