The Dueling Matrix

Quickdraw Shotgun Blast Grenade Toss Strafing Shot Aimed Shot Charge Find Cover Side Roll Energy Shield Ricochet
Quickdraw [QD] Both [1] QD [1] QD [1] SS [1] QD[1] QD [1] QD[1] SR[.5] ES [.5] RC [.5]
Shotgun Blast [SB] QD [1] Both [1] SB [1] SB [1] AS [1] SB [1] FC[.5] SB [1] ES [.5] SB [1]
Grenade Toss [GT] QD [1] SB [1] Both [1] SS [1] AS [1] CH [.5] GT[1] GT[1] GT [1] RC [1]
Strafing Shot [SS] SS [1] SB [1] SS [1] Null SS [1] SS [1] FC[.5] SR[.5] ES [.5] SS [1]
Aimed Shot [AS] QD [1] AS [1] AS [1] SS [1] Both[1] CH [.5] FC[.5] AS[1] ES [.5] AS [1]
Charge [CH] QD [1] SB [1] CH [.5] SS [1] CH [.5] Both[.5] Null SR[.5] CH [1] CH [.5]
Find Cover [FC] QD [1] FC [.5] GT [1] FC [.5] FC [.5] Null Null Null Null Null
Side Roll [SR] SR [.5] SB [1] GT [1] SR [.5] AS [1] SR [.5] Null Null Null SR [.5]
Energy Shield [ES] ES [.5] ES [.5] GT [1] ES [.5] ES [.5] CH [1] Null Null Both[.5] RC [.5]
Ricochet [RC] RC [.5] SB [1] RC [1] SS [1] AS [1] CH [.5] Null SR[.5] RC [.5] Both[.5]

Red = Offensive Technique

Blue = Defensive Technique

Game Guide To Duel Of Guns

The game of Duel of Guns simulates armed combat, with characters typically using a variety of firearms. There are ten techniques, which all ranks may use. You cannot use the same technique twice in a row. Below are quick descriptions of the the techniques available.

The Techniques of Duel of Guns

1. Quickdraw – A quick pistol shot, without taking the time to aim precisely.

2. Shotgun Blast – A spray of buckshot, or fire from a heavy firearm.

3. Grenade Toss – A slow, but spectacular way to blow through an opponent’s cover or defenses.

4. Strafing Shot – A steady shot, taken while stepping quickly to one side to make yourself harder to hit.

5. Aimed Shot – A precise pistol shot, useful for hitting moving or busy targets.

6. Charge – A desperate rush aimed at surprising your opponent, to avoid giving them enough time for more time-consuming strategies.

7. Find Cover – Makes use of the various debris on the Battlefield to protect you from most attacks.

8. Side Roll – A strategic burst of energy to avoid sloppy shooting, or risky defenses.

9. Energy Shield – Make use of your kinetic barrier device to temporarily protect you from all high-velocity attacks.

10. Ricochet – Make use of the environment around you to distract, or to use your environment as a weapon capable of breaking through kinetic barriers.


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