The Rules

Basic Rules

You must submit all Techniques in private chat to a Rhy’Din Defense League (RDL) official who is hosting that night. RDL Yuknon is the primary host of DoG events, though other RDL officials may sometimes provide him back-up on busy nights. Note: The small pool of RDL officials is designed to avoid drawing resources away from ROH’s pool of “DUEL” callers. A dueling queue will be held if the RDL official/s are at their maximum calling capacity.

You cannot use the same technique two rounds in a row. All duels are scored to five points, with a draw after fifteen rounds if no player is ahead by a full point at that time. No duelist may ever earn more than two points in a single round.

Combination Rules

You may spend a combination modifier to submit an offensive technique (marked RED in the matrix) after your defensive technique (marked BLUE in the matrix). If your defensive technique earns you any points, you may then compare your combination offensive technique to their technique to see if you may earn additional points. Your opponent cannot score points against your combination offensive technique this way, but you are unable to use either technique next round. However, if both you and your opponent use a combination in the same round, and you both score on your defensive Techniques, then you compare your Offensive Technique to their Offensive Technique to settle any additional scoring. You cannot use a combination modifier in the same round that you use an ammunition skill.


(PLAYER 1) Combination Energy Shield+Quickdraw vs

(PLAYER 2) Shotgun Blast

       – scores 1.5 points for PLAYER 1.

(PLAYER 1) Combination Energy Shield+Quickdraw vs

(PLAYER 2) Combination Energy Shield+Shotgun Blast

       – scores 1.5 points for PLAYER 1 and 0.5 points for PLAYER 2.

When a character uses a combination, that combination only counts as a “Defensive Technique”. It does not count as an “Offensive Technique”. The only application for this ruling is in scoring a combination versus a High Voltage Ammo attack.


(Player 1) High Voltage Grenade Toss vs

(Player 2) Combination Energy Shield + Quickdraw

       – Scores 1.0 point for Player 1.

(Player 1) High Voltage Quickdraw vs

(Player 2) Combination Energy Shield + Quickdraw

       – Scores 2.0 points for Player 2.

Ammunition Rules

You may use one specialized ammunition skill to modify an offensive technique per round. You cannot use the same ammunition skill twice in one duel. Ammunition skills can only be used once you have gained a rank and submitted your preference in specialized ammunition for that rank gain. This can be changed once per month, by contacting RDL Yuknon. New characters not yet on the standings must select their ammunition skill and announce that selection before each duel until they are listed on the standings; they may not choose two different ammunition skills in the same night this way.

Ammunition Skills

Bio Rounds: If you score using this modifier, your opponent cannot use defensive(BLUE) techniques next round.

High Voltage Rounds: You score twice as many points if your opponent uses an offensive technique this round. Your opponent scores twice as many points if they use a defensive technique this round.

Cryo Rounds: If you score points using this modifier, your opponent cannot use the technique that they used this round again for the rest of the duel. If you score against your opponent’s combination, only their defensive technique cannot be used again for the rest of the duel.

Incendiary Rounds: If you score points using this modifier, gain an extra 0.5 points. Next round, you may not use Ammunition Skills, but earn an extra 0.5 points on any successful offensive or defensive skill.

Chaff Rounds: Only accessible by the duelist with Desperado ranking, or limited uses earned through tournament rewards. If you score points using this modifier, your opponent scores no points this round and you apply any Ammunition Skills that they used this round against them. If you lose to an opponent’s combination technique, you score one point and they score no points.

Rank Rules

You can gain rank based on your total wins over losses. Upon reaching certain ranks, you will gain Combination Modifiers. Upon reaching each rank (and the first time that you duel as a character), you will gain your choice of one additional Specialized Ammunition Skill. You cannot choose an Ammunition Skill that you have chosen before in this way. Additionally, there are limitations on how many of your modifiers you can use; you may only use one more total Combination Modifier and one more Ammunition Skill than your opponent’s total available pool of each of those modifier types. You do not have to specify which Ammunition Skills you intend to use before the duel begins.

Example: If your opponent has one Ammunition Skill, and you are ranked Sharpshooter, you can only use two Ammunition Skills in a duel against them.

Ranks (WoL) Bonuses
Gunslinger (< 2) 1 Ammo
Marksman (2-4) 2 Ammo, 1 Combo
Outlaw (5-9) 3 Ammo, 2 Combo
Sharpshooter (10+) 4 Ammo, 3 Combo
Desperado (via Challenge) 5 Ammo, 4 Combo
Permanent Death

Characters who participate in Duel of Guns risk permanent death. Remember that this setting is one possible, bleak alternate future and Duel of Guns has no affect on the rest of Rings of Honor. The risk of permanent death in this alternate setting is meant to help increase turnover, encourage fresh characters, and to help immerse the players in the dangerous Post Apocalyptic setting. For those concerned about permanent death, there are several ways to avoid it entirely. The easiest way to avoid permanent death is to not continue to duel on a night where your character has been wounded, previously.

Any duel that a character loses by 3+ points is considered a Wounding Shot, IF their opponent scores on them in the final round with either Shotgun Blast or Grenade Toss. That character may continue to duel, but if a character suffers two Wounding Shots on the same night, that character dies permanently. A character that dies during a duel will be marked as DECEASED on the standings and may not duel again in Duel of Guns.

Final Word

Contact RDL Yuknon (via PM) if you have any issues with the standings, or rules questions.

Any issues of rules being broken will be solved and decided upon solely upon your DoG Administrator. Penalties will be given when deemed necessary, with significantly harsher penalties given to repeat offenders of the rules. Standings will be updated after each night of dueling, or early the next day in the case of a late night.


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