Tournaments and Challenges


During each ten week season, four tournaments will be held open to qualified gun fighters. Each tournament boasts their own rewards and risks. A character who suffers a Wounding Shot during a tournament may opt not to continue dueling, in order to avoid the risk of Permanent Death; this risk is not relevant in The Young Gun Tournament and The Barons of Boom Tournament, as they will always be single-elimination format.

The Young Gun Tournament (Week One)

Anyone ranked Gunslinger, Marksman, or Outlaw may sign up for each season’s Young Gun Tournament. The format will be single elimination, with seeding being done by order of those who sign up. Each duelist will be given four Ammo Skills and three Combo modifiers for each duel of the tournament, regardless of rank.

The winner of the tournament will receive five automatic wins-over-losses to be added to their record upon the next standings update, and will be noted as the current Young Gun champion on the standings until the next season. All other participants will receive their wins in the tournament as an automatic boost to their wins-over-losses upon the next standings update.

The Barons of Boom Tournament (Week Three)

Anyone, except for the current Desperado, may enter the Barons of Boom Tournament, which will be a two-man team tournament. The current Barons of Boom may choose to enter the tournament together as a team, but all other entrants will be randomly paired with another gun-fighter for the tournament’s duration. Should there be lingering Out-of-Character issues between two players paired together that would make their pairing unenjoyable for both players, they may request to throw their name back into the hat to be paired with another duelist. They may only do this once, and the final two duelists to be paired together are not able to make this request. Should their be an odd number of participants at the end of registration for the tournament, the last gun-fighter to arrive for the tournament must resign.

The tournament will be single elimination in format, and the following rules will apply:

– All duelists receive their usual number of ammunition modifiers and combinations per duel, as their rank would indicate. Each team names which of their gun-fighters will be the active duelist at the beginning of each duel.

– Duelists start each duel with 5 Hit Points. When they are scored against, they lose a number of Hit Points equal to the points their opponent would have scored in a regulation duel. The duel ends when any duelist is reduced to 0 Hit Points, and their team loses. In the case that both active duelists are reduced to 0 Hit Points at the same time, they will both be set to 1 Hit Point and the duel will continue.

– A duelist may call for BACKUP in any given round where they submit a Defensive Technique, by noting so to the calling official. If they do not lose any Hit Points that round, they will remove themselves from being the active duelist on their team, and their inactive teammate will become the active duelist in the next round.

Both duelists on the team that wins the Barons of Boom Tournament will receive the Baron of Boom rank, and will be individually given a number of wins-over-losses to their Standings record equal to the number of duels won in the tournament. Second place receives nothing.

Tournament of Sharpshooters (Week Seven)

Anyone ranked Sharpshooter may enter each season’s Tournament of Sharpshooters. The format will be round-robin, with a single championship duel between the top two finishers. Round-robin ranking will be assessed by totaling up Match Points according to the following formula:

Match Points = (number of points scored, up to a maximum of 6 points) + (3 X number of match wins) + (3 X number of wounding shots earned against opponents).

The third place finisher in the Round-robin portion of the tournament will receive their choice of the following rewards : two wins-over-losses, or one use of Chaff Rounds. The second place finisher will receive their choice of the following rewards: three wins-over-losses, or two uses of Chaff Rounds. The winner of the Tournament of Sharpshooters will receive their choice of the following rewards: five wins-over-losses, or three uses of Chaff Rounds.

The Desperado Tournament (Week Nine)

Anyone ranked Sharpshooter may enter each season’s Desperado Tournament. The format will be single or double-elimination, depending on the number of participants. Seeding will be based off of total wins-over-losses, with ties being decided by the number of total career fights first, and randomly after that if there is a second tie. If there is no current Desperado, the winner of the tournament will be crowned the new Desperado. Otherwise, the winner will receive a special challenge grant to the current Desperado.

The tournament winner’s Desperado Challenge Grant will not allow for intercessions from the Barons of Boom. Additionally, the tournament winner, and not the Desperado, will decide on whether or not the challenge will be a single duel, or best two-out-of-three format. This challenge requires no validation, and must be scheduled and fought within one week of the tournament’s end. Should the challenger fail to win the Desperado’s title during the challenge, they will have five wins subtracted from their Standings record.


Challenge Night: Challenging the Desperado and Barons of Boom

Before all Desperado challenge events have taken place on Challenge Night, a team of two gun-fighters will be allowed to challenge the current Barons of Boom in the same format as the Barons of Boom Tournament. There are no rank restrictions for this challenge, and any number of teams may announce their intention to challenge. The announced team with the most overall duels fought in the current season will be the only team allowed to press challenge, which will take place immediately, in single duel format. The current Desperado may elect to add himself to either roster of either the challenging team, or the current Barons of Boom, or to not be involved at all. Should the Desperado fight in the challenge, the team that he aids must be responsible not just for calling for BACKUP as usual, but must also name which teammate they wish to make active when submitting back-up requests to the calling official.

During Challenge Night each season, Sharpshooters will be allowed to challenge the current Desperado for their title. The Desperado will appear, ready to defend their title, and the Sharpshooter present at the start of Challenge Night with the most regulation wins in the current season will have first rights to press challenge; if multiple Sharpshooters have the most (and same) regulations wins, and wish to challenge, they must first face each other in a single duel format to determine who will receive the right to challenge.

On the night of the challenge, a current Baron of Boom may elect to intercede as either a Champion for the Desperado, or a Champion for the challenger. Should a Baron of Boom intercede on behalf of the Desperado and defeat the challenger, the challenge is considered over. Should a Baron of Boom intercede on behalf of the challenger and defeat the Desperado, the challenge will continue, and the challenger need only win one-out-of-three duels against the Desperado to succeed in their challenge. Should both Barons of Boom intercede, one on behalf of both challenger and Desperado, the challenge will continue and the duelist successfully championed need only win one-out-of-three duels to win the challenge. In any case, a successful Champion may elect to immediately face the winner of the challenge in a single duel for the title of Desperado.

Should a challenger defeat the current Desperado, they will become the new Desperado at the next standings update, and the previous Desperado will be given a rank concurrent with their current wins-over-losses. Should a challenger defeat the current Desperado, and then be defeated by a Baron of Boom, they will not receive the Desperado title. A challenge is considered complete upon the next standings update (typically, very shortly after Challenge Night is finished).

Should Challenge Night be on a date that any of the current title-holders are unable to appear on, they must submit public notice on the Challenge Night forum thread at least twenty-four hours before the event begins, and Challenge Night will be rescheduled between the title-holders and the RDL Administration for no longer than one week after the originally scheduled event.


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